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New guideline
Management of Severe UC

Authors field your questions and comments on the new AGA Institute Guideline on managing adult outpatients with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis and adult hospitalized patients with acute severe UC. 

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GI Career Search

  • Company: KCA Firm Location: Erie, PA Highly Collegial Group Your Work Join an established group of four Gastroenterologists with little turnover Significant demand for GIs in the area with long waiting periods Quick ramp-up period for early productivity bonuses...
  • Company: KCA Firm Location: MIDDLE CITY EAST, PA 8AM to 4PM Daily Your Work Replace a retiring Gastroenterologist Huge demand for GIs in the area = quick ramp-up period for early bonuses Enjoy the full support of a...
  • Company: AdventHealth Provider Recruitment Location: Orlando, FL AdventHealth Medical Group Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Orlando is seeking a dynamic and energetic, board certified Gastroenterologist to join their busy, established practice within our tertiary facility in Orlando, Florida. Ideal candidate...