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Improving digestive health for our african american patients 

Dr. Craig Munroe kick-starts dialogue among AGA members on how race impacts digestive health in the U.S. 

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AGA Presidential Blog

AGA's 113th President David Lieberman, MD, AGAF, has committed to staying in touch with and better understanding the needs of AGA members. This blog series in the AGA Community will regularly address the topics and issues at the forefront during his presidency.

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GI Career Search

  • Company: Cejka Search Location: Heidelberg, PA Premier Medical Associates (PMA), the largest multi-specialty physician practice in the Greater Pittsburgh area, is seeking a Board Certified/Board Eligible Gastroenterologist to join their growing practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is a high...
  • Gastroenterology

    Company: HCA - Hospital Corporation of America Location: Roanoke, VA Gastroenterologist needed for busy practice. Call schedule is 1:9. ERCP experience is required. Employment with HCA Physician Services Group offering competitive compensation. Full benefits package offered including paid malpractice insurance,...
  • Gastroenterologist

    Company: HCA - Hospital Corporation of America Location: Blacksburg, VA Practice expanding due to community growth and shortage of providers in community. Endoscopy suites offer Olympus equipment with Provations software. ERCP capability. Dedicated experienced Endoscopy nursing staff. Anesthesiology coverage 24/7. Pill...