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GI Career Search

  • Company: St. Joseph Healthcare Location: Hermon, ME Excellent opportunity for a Gastroenterologist: • Be part of a growing team of providers who offer exceptional care to our community. •Total Compensation $640k, with additional productivity bonus opportunity. • High demand for Gastroenterology...
  • Company: Virginia Mason Memorial Location: Yakima, WA BC/BE Gastroenterologist (with or without Advanced GI)Yakima Gastroenterology Associates is a dynamic, full service gastroenterology practice comprised of 7 gastroenterologists and 2 midlevel providers. Our beautiful 21,000sqft gastroenterology...
  • Company: MaineGeneral Health Location: Waterville, ME Team oriented gastroenterology and hepatology practice of 5 board certified gastroenterologists, 4 physician assistants and 2 nurse practitionersseeks a full-time PA to join our team.This position offers an exceptional work...