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GI Career Search

  • Company: Kadlec Regional Medical Center Location: Richland, WA Job ID Number: 9003Facility Name: Kadlec ClinicLocation Name: Tri-Cities, WABrand Name: KadlecMedical Specialty: GastroenterologyMedical Specialty: HospitalistJob Setting: Hospital, Medical ClinicType of Role: ClinicalSchedule: Full TimeSeeking a...
  • Company: Providence Health & Services Location: Walla Walla, WA Job ID Number: 11049Facility Name: Providence St. Mary Medical CenterLocation Name: Walla Walla, WABrand Name: Providence Health ServicesProvider Profession: Nurse PractitionerMedical Specialty: GastroenterologyJob Setting: Hospital, Medical...
  • Gastroenterologist

    Company: Westmed Medical Group Location: Yonkers, NY An excellent Gastroenterologist opportunity exists with the Westmed Medical Group - a large, progressive, and financially thriving, physician-owned, multi-specialty practice. Within commuting distance from NYC, CT, and NJ, we offer an excellent,...