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The AGA Young Delegates are a group of engaged early career GI professionals representing AGA on a variety of short-term initiatives.


What is micRo-volunteerism?

The Young Delegates program provides volunteer opportunities that require less time, or are "smaller asks" for participants, who already lead busy lives.


Give back

  • Get involved.
  • Make a difference.
  • Gain experience.

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Why join?

Avinash ketwaroo
AGA future leader, class of 2020

"The AGA Young Delegates program provides opportunities for trainees and early careers to participate in the AGA, strengthen their leadership skills, and advance the practice of GI. With short-term assignments, flexible deadlines, and virtual participation, the program was designed to accommodate busy schedules. From beta-testing the newest DDSEP app to organizing career workshops for GI fellows, the Young Delegates is an ideal volunteer opportunity and stepping stone for those seeking to get involved with the AGA."